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The Nature of Norfolk (Part 3)


Malt on the solar-powered kiln at Branthill Micro Maltings.

There being so many farms in Norfolk, one might wonder just what they’re growing. After my own heart, the farmers of Norfolk produce much of the barley Crisp turns into high quality English malts that I’ve used in my own beers in Brooklyn. Branthill Farms supplies over a dozen brewers in Norfolk with Maris Otter malt and operates The Real Ale Shop and solar-powered Branthill Micro Maltings. Naturally, to better get a taste for Norfolk, I made finding the shop a high priority.

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The Nature of Norfolk (Part 2)

As mentioned in the previous installment of this series, Norfolk’s history has been well preserved. But the heritage that the region wears on its sleeve is not the only offering of culture in the area. Many of Norfolk’s residents are actively working to celebrate the region, and those that I met helped me feel welcome there.


Castle Rising, built by William d’Albini circa 1138.

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The Nature of Norfolk (Part 1)

I spent the past weekend cycling the Norfolk Coast Cycleway, taking my bicycle by train to King’s Lynn on Saturday morning and returning by train from Great Yarmouth Sunday evening. In exchange for the offering of my weekend and my sore body, I received the privilege of enjoying miles of coastline, living history in every town, and the friendly acquaintance of its residents. Even investing my whole weekend into the trip and covering such a distance, I still felt like I’d only just gotten a small peak at Norfolk. Nonetheless, it was my best cycle yet. Continue reading