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Lazy Day Ale

Six months have passed since I was last in the States. It was a long time without brewing. I came back feeling a bit apprehensive, somewhat doubtful that my brewing abilities didn’t atrophy. Nonetheless I was eager to turn around something quick, and so just a few hours after my return, I walked over to Bitter & Esters to pick up ingredients to brew a new version of my summer session ale, now named Lazy Day Ale. While I might enjoy this beer on such a day in just a few weeks, brew day was anything but lazy, exercising my new knowledge of brewing water as well as trying out some new beer body building techniques.

Welcome to Night Vale – Episode 35: Lazy Day

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Homemade Bagels

One of the overlooked advantages of homebrewing is that brewers maintain a stock of unusual ingredients and equipment on hand. One of most common ingredients across brewing is malt extract — for many brewers it is the main ingredient in their wort, but even after I’ve moved on to all-grain brewing I still need malt extract for yeast starters and priming bottles. I discovered that this ingredient is useful for making bagels, and my curiosity to try out a recipe was instantly piqued.

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