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Stentorian Centurion

IPAs are the bread and butter of most American craft breweries. It’s the style I’m most likely to order when I’m at a bar or restaurant, as most¬†breweries have a handle on the style by now. Since I have chosen to brew many different styles, I’ve only brewed a straight-forward IPA once, and never from all grain. One of the side-effects of this deficiency is that I don’t feel comfortable with my knowledge of hops. Additionally I usually¬†don’t have any hoppy beers on hand, despite that often being just what I’m in the mood to drink.

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Nick’s Pick: SweetWater IPA Clone

Yesterday was the brew day for Nick’s brew of choice, a SweetWater IPA clone. Nick is our only southerner and also is the only other member of the apartment who enjoys the hoppy beers, so this seems like the perfect choice to represent him in the roommate line-up of brews. No matter how it changes over time, an IPA will serve as a nice counterpoint to the robust stout and what will likely be a malty or light, zippy beer for Jason.

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